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Barbara Klimowicz & Partners Dentistry

Dear Sir or Madam, we are very pleased to welcome you at our dental clinic, which is situated at Gen. Okulickiego 7 Street in Rzeszów.

We would like everyone to feel safely and comfortably at our place; therefore our team will do its best to make the previous unpleasant experiences regarding dentistry a matter of past memory and we will try to make every next visit more and more pleasant.

Clinic is  equiquiped in  latest generation from the German company SIRONA. Our services are firmly based upon rich experience and solely upon the medical procedures that were previously verified.

Our chief assets encompass nice and professional service, attractive prices, air-conditioned dental cabinets and waiting room, advantageous location, good accessibility by road, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, products of dental hygiene in attractive prices, reliability and punctuality, a guarantee of cleanliness and sterility, to name but a few.

We understand that every individual patient has different approach towards the issue of dental treatment both in the emotional and financial regard. Due to this reason we have an individual approach towards each patient. Our doctors explain each stage of treatment and answer all your questions.

Modern equipment such as, for example intraoral cameras, dental microscope or X-ray machines, enables patients to watch every stage of the treatment. This gives up to the sense of security and builds up people’s confidence in our doctors.

We provide you with painless dental treatment, which is conducted with the help of modern instruments, equipment and materials. At the same time, we would like to ensure you that all dental treatment at our place is conducted in conditions that guarantee absolute sterility. We make an effort to use disposable instruments whenever it is possible, while the instruments that are used many times undergo sterilisation in autoclaves – this is one of the essential elements of our work and we restrictively obey this rule.

Taking care about solid education of our personel also constitutes one of our priorities. We take part in many important courses and in vocational training, which not only boost our professional qualifications but also enable us to help our patients in a better and more efficient way. The team of doctors and employees of our institution pay special attention to the atmosphere that is created during your visit.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that the surgery is thoroughly adapted to suit the needs of disabled persons.

Our doctors speak English, Ukrainian and Russian, fluently.

We do invite you to visit our place!